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Gain 100s of Free Twitter Followers until May 18th!

May 14, 2013




Hello Everyone! Thank you for the kind reviews of Give Me Attention and we’re very happy people are enjoying this one of a kind Twitter Marketing Software! When we first released Give Me Attention! about 2 weeks ago there was no way we could of predicted this amazing response. We offered Give Me Attention! for a free week trial and over 800 people downloaded Give Me Attention! in the first 4 days alone!


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Because the response has been so amazing, everyone at Screaming Eagle Software has worked non-stop to improve on Give Me Attention! to make sure it’s able to handle an unlimited amount of users. We want to do everything we can to ensure Give Me Attention! is the #1 Twitter Marketing Software on the market! So, allow me to introduce….



You’ll now be able to receive Twitter Followers even faster!

We’ve worked out some of the minor bugs and now Give Me Attention! is even better than ever!

To make sure everyone is able to experience Give Me Attention! 2.0 we’re giving away…

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If you’re currently using the paid version of Give Me Attention! your copy has already been updated to the latest version! And if you’re using the free version, you’re now able to use Give Me Attention! until May 18th for FREE! cooltext1029674546

That’s right, you can download a lifetime copy of Give Me Attention! for only $5! You will be able to gain over 2000 new followers for every account you use Give Me Attention for!

You can enter any screen-name you like each time you use Give Me Attention!

Market yourself! Your Business! Or even Friends and Family!

You can use Give Me Attention! to market ANY Twitter account!!


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Enter this information when you open Give Me Attention! for the first time. You’ll only have to do this once. 18E8-B693-3147

However, if you’re serious about marketing yourself on Twitter, I highly suggest you take advantage of our $5 sale. Give Me Attention! Is only $5 until Friday, May 24th. After that, the price is going to jump to $29.99! Even at $29.99 Give Me Attention! Delivers the Best Twitter Marketing ANYWHERE and you won’t find a better way to marketing yourself on Twitter for anywhere near this price, GUARANTEED! What you get for only $5 – An incredibly simple piece of Twitter Marketing Software! – A lifetime license for Give Me Attention! – Automatic updates every two weeks! – A GUARANTEED method to gain high amounts of Twitter followers! – Gain followers for ANY TWITTER ACCOUNT YOU WANT! You can easily SELL TWITTER FOLLOWERS!!

One of the greatest things about Give Me Attention! is its simplicity.


No proxies to enter!

No accounts to follow!

Gain followers in seconds!






But Wait! There’s more!

On May 24th, to celebrate the end of our launch sale, Screaming Eagle Software is going to Email the following 3 pieces of software to every person that has bought Give Me Attention! or has joined our mailing list. FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Tweet Stalker!– Simply enter an account whose followers you want to market to and Tweet Stalker will follow their followers! A percentage of these accounts will follow you back and every account will see your Twitter account when you follow them.

Tweet Un-follow! – A simple software tool that deletes the oldest Twitter accounts that are not following you back. It’s a great way to get rid of those scab accounts that don’t follow back!

Twiitter Friender! – Another simple solution to Twitter Marketing! With the click of a button, Twitter Friender follows back accounts that follow you.

You HAVE to take advantage of this amazing deal. For $5 you’ll be getting 4 pieces of Twitter Marketing Software that will make you a Twitter Marketing Juggernaut! When using our software please never follow and un-follow a high amount of accounts within a 24 hour period. Or follow more than 100 accounts a day. Doing so COULD SUSPEND YOUR ACCOUNT!

If you’re unsure if Give Me Attention is for you then hurry and download our free trial! We know you’ll love it!

Go to to learn everything there is to know about Give Me Attention! And join our mailing list for monthly Emails about our newest releases and receive free software giveaways!


IT’S ONLY $5!!!



Want all the benefits of Give Me Attention! without having to download and manage software?

Then let the team at Screaming Eagle do all of the work for you!

For only $25 we will run Give Me Attention on your account 24 hours a day!

You’ll get all of the benefits of Give Me Attention! without any of the work!

For only $25!

Order below and you’ll begin gaining new Twitter followers within 24 hours!


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