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“Rapp it Up” Cell Phone Security Kickstarter

July 8, 2013

“Rapp it Up” Cell Phone Security for All.

by Ceo RappitupWireless

The Rapp It Up stops cell phone location tracking in seconds.

The Rapp It Up provides a new and innovative device that protects against identity theft and enables personal data security for all.

The Rapp It Up Wireless Security Company’s innovative way to secure your cell phone and your life’s data.

  • Launched June 14, 2013
  • Funding ends August 14, 2013
  • 60 days

Have you already seen the video?

What is a Rapp It Up?

The Rapp It Up is an RF/EMI shielding fabric security sleeve/pocket that prevents all wireless communications to and from a commercial wireless device. Product Concept: “Real Cell Phone Security for All”

A Rapp It Up is a simple and affordable device for everyone to secure the information in your cell phone, tablet and laptop computer.

Rapp It Up prevents GPS location tracking. Your cellular service provider can’t use you like a rented mule and sell your information to anyone willing to pay. It takes you off the grid in seconds!

Rapp It Up is easy to use. You can easily open it up and drop your device inside and in seconds know that you’re safe from all unwanted wireless communications without having to take the battery out of your phone.

Rapp It Up is a powerful security device that protects all the data on all your wireless enabled devices. The materials are durable but easy to care for.

Rapp It Up technology allows you to access to all your data as soon as you pull your device out of our device. You will never miss a voice message, text or email.

Rapp It Up provides a low cost method of flawless protection by utilizing a combination of innovative shielding technologies. It achieves its goal by stopping 100% of the wireless signals to and from your wireless devices.

Rapp It Up products give you a single product line that provides everyday users with every size they need to protect every wireless communications device they own. They are customizable to every style or fashion trend or company logo.

Rapp It Up is safe for your phone. The ground breaking RF shielding design allows for air flow threw the devices fabric so your device won’t heat up. This added feature stops cell phone signal transmission thereby extending battery life.

Rapp It Up keeps your personal, professional and families’ bank accounts and PIN numbers safe. Files, pictures, videos, private conversations and private information completely secure.

Backers can follow us and our progress:

Rapp It Up Goals:

  • Develop an innovative wireless security device product line for the world market.
  • To enable private citizens to protect their wireless “smart” devices security and their own identity at will.
  • Offer a low cost device that serves across every brand of wireless devices.
  • Provide “An Awakening” of social consciousness focusing on individual’s rights NOT to be forced share their private life/data with the world.
  • Stop the ubber powerful wireless service providers from stealing your life’s data, your information right out of your hands.


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