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Support this Indiegogo and help raise funds to build a community center in Kenya

August 6, 2013


Kikoko Aid, Inc.

Raising funds to build a community center in Kikoko Village, a poverty stricken village in Kenya.

I am a former Montclair State University student, and current Montclair, New Jersey resident. I visited Kikoko, Kenya in 2009, and after seeing the poor standards of living, I decided to start a charitable organization where, together with the help of global supporters, we would be able to make a difference by eradicating poverty, encouraging education, and building Kikoko’s economy. I am originally from Kikoko village and this cause is dear to my heart.

Kikoko Aid’s mission is, “To provide assistance, aid, comfort, care, nourishment, clothing, education and satisfaction of the development needs of the residents of Kikoko Village, in the Eastern Province of Kenya, including, but not limited to, providing recreational, educational, and employment opportunities, and such other charitable benefits for the residents. To receive, and administer funds and property, and to apply the income and principal thereof for our charitable purposes.”

Our goal this year is to build a community center where residents will be able to go when in need. We plan to equip the center with modern technology, and educational materials to help the children of Kikoko have a fair chance in this competitive world.

Kikoko Aid’s future goals will all be around improving Kikoko community in general, e.g. renovating schools, providing food and clean water, improving the local clinic, creating job opportunities by renovating and running a rundown community bakery, among other projects.

To learn more about Kikoko Aid, please visit our Facebook page at


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